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Make sure you continue to receive the support you need. Let the professionals at di Lorenzo & Wilcox help you navigate your Social Security Disability claim so you can get the funds you need to protect your family.

Get trustworthy legal assistance

You file your initial claim. You can do this online, schedule an appointment by telephone with a Social Security representative, or go to the Social Security district office. Unfortunately, the majority of initial claims are automatically denied.  This is when you will need an experienced advocate to take over.


After being denied, deadlines become critical. We are prepared to take over your case at this point and file your appeals, gather your medical and non-medical evidence, ensure you do not miss any deadlines, and represent you at the hearing.  


The Social Security Administration changes its policies and procedures quite often. If you are unaware of the changes being made, your claim can be adversely affected. We keep up with these changes to make sure your claim is being handled with the most up-to-date information possible.


We can provide you with trustworthy, personal attention that the big, TV/billboard attorneys simply do not offer. We have built our solid reputation in the best way possible – on word of mouth.  We are a small firm, and we believe that by staying small, we can provide our clients personalized and efficient help.  And, unlike many of the TV/billboard firms, we will carefully evaluate your situation and honestly inform you if we feel you do not have a strong case.  


         •   No attorney's fees until we win your benefits

         •   Offices in Kingsland and Brunswick (across the street from the Social Security Building)

How does it work?

With over 30 years in practice, you can trust us to file your Social Security claim.


We never charge any fees unless a financial recovery is made.


Please feel free to call us or contact us through this site to discuss your claim or schedule an appointment.

You may be disabled, but Social Security makes you work hard to prove it! This process can be incredibly overwhelming and unnecessarily long - with confusing forms to be filled out, deadlines to meet, and other bureaucratic obstacles. You should not go through this process without experienced legal representation. The knowledgeable attorneys and staff at di Lorenzo & Wilcox have successfully represented thousands of claimants in Southeast Georgia.  

Have you been denied Social Security benefits?